Don’t Miss the Truffle Tribeca Roll at Toryumon Japanese House

Sushi. Ramen. Hibachi. The multi-talented chefs at Toryumon Japanese House can do just about anything. For now, they’re doing it behind closed doors as the new restaurant offers just delivery and takeout. When it’s safe, Toryumon will also open its dining room so you can actually watch the chefs work.

Although dinner doesn’t come with a show at the moment, the dishes themselves are standouts. Order a few signature sushi rolls such as the Truffle Tribeca, featuring spicy tuna and avocado with yellowtail, salmon, and truffle soy sauce on top, and the Pink Lady with shrimp tempura and spicy tuna, plus spicy crabmeat and yuzu unagi sauce. Interested in noodles? The Tokyo ramen showcases chashu, bean sprouts, scallions, corn, bamboo shoots, and nori in a tonkotsu salt broth, capped off with a soft-boiled egg. And when it comes to the hibachi portion of the menu, chefs sear everything from lobster and filet mignon to chicken and veggies.