Celebrating a Special Occasion at Bennett Park? Order a Cake From Sidekick Bakery!

Sidekick Bakery is proud to position itself as Arlington’s one-size-fits-all bakery that caters to your particular needs. Need a custom cake for 50 at your next special occasion celebration? No problem! The chefs here will craft whatever you need. Simply want to stop by and pick up a single cupcake as an afternoon pick-me-up? That works, too, as the bakery typically carries half a dozen different varieties in the display case. Want to stop by with a friend to indulge in a brownie or a slice of the kitchen’s unique Cinnamon Toast Crunch banana bread? Sidekick Bakery includes a handful of tables where you can sit down and enjoy your order on-site (along with a cup of coffee or even a hot egg-and-cheese sandwich). 

Whether you need something big or small, planned or on-the-go, regulars at Sidekick Bakery say that this place is likely to have what you’re looking for.