Enjoy an Artistic Dining Experience at Palette 22

Those looking for a creative dining experience should check out Palette 22 on Campbell Avenue. This establishment celebrates all things art, offering unique and fun dishes inspired by painting, jewelry, pottery, and more. Palette 22 is situated inside an original Art Deco building from the 1940’s, and outfitted to look like an artist’s studio. It actually is a studio for some, in fact. The restaurant has an artist-in-residence program that lets artists work shifts in the restaurant for temporary studio time inside of it. It’s not a gimmick; the level of craftsmanship is as apparent hanging on the walls as it is sitting on the plate. 

The menu is stuffed with incredible tapas-style bites that cover a wide variety of flavors. Playful combinations like fried chicken tacos can pair up with more sophisticated offerings like grilled octopus, red curry mussels, and flan. With so much to choose from, it’s a good thing there is a “bottomless” option. With this, diners can choose as many items off the menu as they please for one flat price.