Pedal Your Way to Fitnesse at SoulCycle, Now Open in Clarendon

This one’s for you cycling enthusiasts! The first-ever Virginia SoulCycle location is now open in Clarendon. If you’ve never tried SoulCycle before, it’s more than just an exercise class, it’s a transformative experience that will keep you coming back for the adrenaline highs, comradery and good vibes.

To choose which class you want to try first, head to their website and check out the instructor profiles. This location is full of high-energy awesome instructors, so you truly can’t go wrong. The profiles will tell you more about the music you’ll be cycling to, as well as a little more on each person like their dream destinations and guilty pleasures. 

Throughout the week there are classes as early as 6:00 a.m. and as late as 6:45 p.m. to accommodate every schedule. If you’ve never tried a SoulCycle class, your first is discounted at $20. From there, you can purchase a per class pass for $30 or class passes for varied quantities from three classes to fifty. Time to hit the bike!