Find Food Straight From Istanbul at Tempo: The Casual Eatery

Not many people are as lucky as to have walked the streets of Istanbul, trying their delicious, richly flavored foods. Now you can have an authentic taste of Istanbul right here in DC at Tempo: The Casual Eatery

Start with your base of either kumpir (baked potato) or pide (Turkish-style flat bread), or a bowl with doner meat. Add as many toppings as you like from a long list of savory meats and vegetables, and then melted kasar cheese is the finishing touch. Everything is customizable, but if it’s your first time, try their Tempo classics. Each specialty pide or the ortakoy kumpir have an expertly blended combination of flavors and textures. Tempo opened a few months ago, and the space is modern and fresh. They have a fast casual set up, so just glide down the service bar and work with the helpful staff to create a taste of Istanbul. Tempo is located right in downtown DC on the corner of 20thand M Streets.